Google Apps For Work

For those who want to save money on licensing, hardware, and support fees...
Google Apps reseller logoCloudWire provides Google Apps in the Grimsby, Hamilton and Niagara area as an alternative to expensive software such as MS Office. Google Apps is a powerful suite of office apps and cloud storage suitable for small to large businesses.

Why Google Apps?

Google Apps for business offers the following major benefits:
  1. Extra protection of your data
  2. Easy collaboration with your documents
  3. Synchronizes your email and files across all devices
  4. Use in any modern browser window without installing extra software
  5. No need for onsite servers and the costly support that goes with them

Google Apps For Work has been transforming the way businesses operate making it easier, safer, faster, and cheaper to collaborate, share, backup, and synchronize email.


Our Google Apps Services

As a Google Apps Reseller, we will:
  • Register and setup your Google Apps accounts
  • Migrate your current email, contacts, and calendars
  • Configure your desktops for cloud storage
  • Train your staff


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Horning Corporation is a Google Apps Authorized Reseller serving the Hamilton and Niagara Ontario areas.