File Protection

For those who want help protecting their important files...

Keeping your important files safe is critical for every business but often forgotten until it is too late. There are three ways we will help but this must be done before the need arises.


Hardware backupsOnsite Backups

Backup Questions

  • Are the backups you have now reliable if you need them?
  • Are you depending on a USB stick / flash drive to protect you?
  • When is the last time you tried a restore?
  • Will your backups help you if you get a virus or worse yet, ransomware?
  • What happens if your computer is stolen or crashes?


Backup Solution

Not every office is the same which is why we review your needs before making recommendations. We show you best practices for your office backups and help you purchase the most suitable hardware and software for your needs.

We will:

  • Setup the hardware
  • Explain the best procedures
  • Install the software
  • Configure the backups and rotation
  • Review your computer settings for best recovery


Cloud Storage

Cloud Questions

  • Are your files secure the way you store them in the cloud?
  • What happens if I am attacked by ransomware?
  • How do I get my most recent files to sync on all devices?
  • Can I protect my files on a stolen computer?


Cloud Solution

Google Apps offers a cloud storage solution called Drive that provides several ways to protect your data. You can protect your cloud account with various 2-Step Verification options so hackers are thwarted. Revisions of files are available if you have to revert back to an earlier copy. Files are synchronized across all your devices and Drive now lets you control which folders are synced on each device. If your computer is stolen you can act quickly to secure your files.


Support help with backupsPanic Support

File Backup panicWhen something goes wrong and you need your files, most of us panic and we can't think of what to do. This is when you can call us. We will walk through the steps to secure your files and recover what is missing.

If you let us prepare your files before this happens, you will have less to worry about.


Horning Corporation is a Google Apps Authorized Reseller servicing the Niagara Region and Hamilton Ontario areas